Machine-embroidered embossed appliqués tutorial

When I started planning my new Élise de la Serre cosplay, I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t want to make the red sash plates with Worbla like for all the other ones I made. While they don’t end up being that heavy, they do have a tendency to hit each other when you walk, incurring damage over time. I wanted a sash that would be more durable, less prone to damage and lighter. And then I thought: why not embroider the design at the end of the sash instead? I haven’t seen many cosplayers using embroidery for the sash, so that would make me stand out a little 😉 I first found an embroidered frame appliqué I liked, and combined with the Templar cross embroidery file I already had, I was good to go!

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