I finished my chemise à la reine just in time for Castlefest! Can’t wait to take ‘real’ pictures next weekend! 😁

I wanted a light and airy costume for warm summer days. Or I was just looking for an excuse to make my version of Marie-Antoinette’s iconic look.

This costume is a dream to wear, it’s so flowy! It’s made out of cotton voile, and I’m wearing two petticoats underneath (one in blue voile – same fabric as the sash, and one in cotton/poly sheet fabric), along with my 18th c. stays and a chemise (of leftover cotton voile).

I’m in love with my hat, I bought it for cheap, and I used various flowers, feathers, lace, and ribbons I had in my stash to decorate it.

And I made a tiny bag to carry my essentials.