When I designed my Grand Master robes, I was also planning a dress to wear under. I’ve made the dress a couple of days ago, I’m now busy with the overdress with train. A lot of embroideries! 

Unfortunately, I made a major booboo, ruining half the velvet I bought for the overdress. I’ve ordered some more, but of course this means I’ll never finish it on time for Elfia the coming weekend. Oh well. 

The dress bodice is made of buttercup yellow satin with lace overlay, and the skirt is black jacquard leftovers I had from the ballgown 😉

The train of the overdress will be lined with the same gold/buttercup satin as the dress bodice. As for the embroideries, I’ve used the same swirls/crosses as on the robes, mixing and matching them.

I’m really, really liking this… I must arrange for a shoot once it’s all finished!