Just tiny finishing touches left, but my Grand Master robes are finished. Not perfect (ughhhh I hate my embroidery machine for being so imprecise with placement!) but it turned out close enough to what I envisioned many months ago!

I must take the time to explain the ‘coat of arms’… My friend @amayanocturna and I imagined what Élise’s Grand Master insignia could be.

Some of you know my headcanon about roses 😉

And one of the translations of ‘serre’ is ‘talon’, like the talon of an eagle – and I really loved this connection with the Assassins.

For anyone who did not bother to read the Unity book, Élise was very influenced by her mother’s moderate views, better yet her mother was a true believer of possible truce between Templars and Assassins. If Élise would have survived her fight with Germain, there is no doubt in my mind she would have fought for peace, with Arno at her side.

@amayanocturna made a beautiful drawing of a Templar cross with a rose, vines, and a talon. And based on this drawing, I came up with this embroidery design.

And yes, eagle eyes will recognize Simplicity 1040! This pattern screamed both Assassins and Templars. It had the Templars regal allure, with the beaked hood of the Assassins. And to me, this was just the perfect combination for my Grand Master Élise. Why make things more complicated for myself when I can use a ready-made pattern? 😉

I did put A LOT of thought in this costume, you know! 😄

Thank you so much @amayanocturna for your inspiration! ❤